Tips for preventing online security compromises

Tips for preventing online security compromises

Tips for preventing online security compromises

Maintaining a good cyber hygiene is necessary in the current circumstances when Internet users are becoming frequent victims of cybercriminals.


TechDecoded recommends the following tips for online safety as result of which good cyber hygiene can be implemented.


1. Upgrade systems and software whenever required - A system or device that is constantly updated averts giving hackers the opportunity to exploit known security flaws and bugs.


2. Ensure the website uses an encrypted secure connection - All Internet users should ensure when making transactions online that the URL of the site has a padlock and begins with "HTTPS" , which signifies the security of the website. Avoid sharing personal data or sensitive information over a website that does not contain the security signs specified as this website could be compromised or be operated by a criminal network.


3. Set up complex difficult to guess passwords - Easy to guess passwords lead to owners of the accounts becoming victims of cyber attacks. Ensure that your password is complex and avoid recycling passwords or using the same password for multiple accounts.


4. Beware of clicking links in an email or downloading attachments - Before downloading any email attachment distinguish whether you were expecting the attachment or not. Avoid downloading any unexpected attachment, remember when in doubt about the authenticity of an email attachment contact the sender through other methods of communication for a confirmation. In addition, avoid clicking on email links from unexpected or unknown senders. Usually, these URL links redirect a user to a counterfeit login website in order to obtain confidential details.


5. Backup data regularly - The importance of backing up data cannot be emphasised. Backing up data is essential for both individuals and companies. Make sure to backup data on a regular basis.