Coronavirus and working from home

Amid social distancing and global lockdowns most organisations are encouraging employees to work from home. 

Connecting personal devices for work related activities increases your cyber risk. Security risks range from malware attacks to identity theft. Any computer without adequate encryption is susceptible to a cyber attack.

Where possible, employers must educate their workforce and provide the necessary encrypted equipment. Providing guidelines and policies on effective use of technology can assist employees with spotting suspicious activity.

Tips to protect corporate and personal data.

  • Turn on security protection.

The use of a trusted computer security program is an essential measure for maintaining good cyber hygiene.

  • Set unique and strong passwords.  

Avoid recycling passwords; one compromised account can lead to loss of access in other accounts with the same password.

  • Change cloud passwords frequently.

If possible, set a password expiry limit. Your workplace may offer two factor authentication, activate the use of the feature.

  • Be vigilant of phishing emails.

Recent surge in Coronovirus phishing emails is an indicator of how cybercriminals are benefitting from the circumstances. Avoid clicking on any attachments.